Concave and Convex

Awarded PROAC Circulation Dance 2017, Secretary State of Culture
Homage to Maestro Carlos Gomes, with excerpts from his operas.

Synopsis: This artistic work flows in the sense of breaking paradigms from the classic romantic to the contemporary urban. The urban culture, the modern young man, mixing and interacting intimately with the work of Carlos Gomes, transcending the feeling and living every moment, exhaling music through the pores of the interpreters, making the popular-classic and popular-classic, bringing expressions which are almost always distanced by (pre) concepts.
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Rites of Passage

Curator Ismael Ivo | Dance Qualification Program

Synopsis: Invisible walls that we all recognize, but we choose not to see. Different perceptions of the same reality that exclude and differentiate equals. Social and cultural barriers that create tribes in search of an identity. We all experience innumerable metamorphoses that recreate our deep desires in the different rituals that reveal themselves inwardly or externally, potent or empty. Does life in this 'civilized society' lead to the emptying of the human being or self-knowledge?

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Synopsis: Live fully, but recognize the fragments that build this fullness. Identify the differences, but equate them by glimpsing one internal reflection in the other. Memories that intertwine, fracture, shatter and build our Great Patchwork Quilt. In the midst of colorful scraps of races, images, techniques, smells and tastes; we dance our roots and who assists germinates the seeds of the next flaps.


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Urban Dance and their faces

circulation network SESI and SESC 

based on the book Street Dance, Atom Publishing​


Synopsis: How it all began .... The music came to dance to illustrate moods and the socio-cultural movement related to each season: fun, claim, clash, joy ... This pocket show exemplifies the many styles of urban dance in a chronological timeline of the birth of each style to the present day where all dances are related in this large urban cultural movement present across the globe.

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Winning: PROAC Circulation Dance 2015, Secretary State for Culturea


SSynopsis: Impermanence influence all our lives, as well as the terrestrial environment. Everything is constantly changing. The impermanence permeates our lives and part of our human condition. We can see how many changes occur both in our life and in the lives of our family and friends. Through them we can drop our attachments and fears, experiencing detachment, resignation, acceptance..


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Mad Scientist

For children and youthl


Synopsis: Fun and catchy, the mad scientist is not afraid to experiment!Meet new turns into a big joke.Poetic shows that we are all different and we have something very special within us. Love yourself! Be happy!


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So different ... So Equal ...

Created for performances in alternative spaces

Synopsis: We are all different! We have different personalities, ways of thinking, speaking, hearing and seeing, the color of hair, eyes and skin. And if that were not enough, we live in different places, with different cultures, religions and habits.Being different is a matter of perspective: the other is so different to my eyes as I am the eyes of others. We need to understand and respect differences, because in essence we are all equal..


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Inspired by the allegory of Plato's cave (book VII of "The Republic")


Synopsis: Reborn ... Like the Phoenix, from Greek mythology bird, rediscovering worlds and new possibilities using as the artistic poetic philosopher Plato's Cave Allegory, the cast invites you to reflection and conception of critical thinking through the denunciation of human alienation in parallel and others realities in which we live.


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To Live and Learn

Winning: Prêmio Klauss Vianna Dance 2008-2009


Synopsis: The human being is chained to a sequence of daily routines that confirms the sentence of Irish writer Oscar Wilde "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist".The energy and the time to complaints, riots, anxiety, moodiness ... only generate more complaints, riots, anxiety, moodiness... Open your eyes, sees, use all your senses to dazzle your life! Time does not stop, Learning to Live To Live and Learn to be a constant ....

CORESgrafia - (joke in written in portuguese: colors + written dance)

First spectacle Cia Eclipse Culture and Art 2006



Using the effects and sensations provided by the colors ...Since time immemorial, the color has been a great art instrument, exerting a profound impact on humans. While there is the blue that soothes and stimulates the red, there are specific shades of each hue that affect a person more than the other..